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What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Prescription drug abuse is when a person uses a medication other than how it is prescribed or for the effects it is intended for. Prescription drug abuse is so prevalent in the United States that it is second only to marijuana use, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This drug abuse has resulted in the increased incidence of emergency room visits, overdose-related deaths and increased inpatient treatment admissions.

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What to Know About Prescription Drug Abuse

While some symptoms associated with prescription drug abuse depend upon the drug abused, there are some general symptoms associated with prescription drug abuse.

These include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Difficulty sleeping or excessive sleepiness
  • Excessive mood swings
  • Often “losing” prescriptions in an attempt to get more medications
  • Personality changes
  • Poor decision making
  • Extreme weight loss or weight gain
  • Stealing or forging prescriptions

Commonly Abused Medications

Commonly abused prescription drugs can be categorized as opiates, sedatives and stimulants.

    • Opiates create a sense of well-being and calmness. They include morphine, codeine, Vicodin, OxyContin and Fentanyl.
    • Sedatives are medication types that relax a person, reducing feelings of anxiety and panic. Common sedatives are Xanax and Ambien.
    • Stimulants are medicines that are often intended to encourage concentration or give someone a surge of energy. Examples include Ritalin or Adderall.

The intended purpose for prescription drugs is to elicit some form of response in the body. This is typically to cause a temporary change in brain chemicals that can relieve pain or reduce anxiety.

However, prolonged drug abuse can result in the brain becoming dependent upon the substance to function. As a result, a person may become addicted to the substance and how it makes him or her feel.

Health Risks Associated with Prescription Drug Abuse

Long-term prescription drug abuse can result in several health risks. Examples of these effects include organ damage/failure, including kidney and liver; cravings; strong withdrawal symptoms; paranoia; depression and affected cognitive function over time.

Drug addiction can cause a person to build up a tolerance to the prescription drug over time. This can result in a person using more and more of a prescription drug to achieve the same effect. This could potentially lead to overdose if a person tries to take too much. Opiate overdoses are the most common.

Treatment Options and Withdrawal Symptoms from the Substances

Drug Treatment Centers Ramapo can tailor a person’s rehabilitation program by taking into consideration the prescription drug abused and potential withdrawal symptoms. In some instances, medications are available to help reduce the immediate effects of these withdrawals.

  • Adderall Treatment: Treatments for Adderall addiction may include creating a medication schedule that allows a person to slowly taper down his or her dosage. Examples of Adderall withdrawal symptoms include depression, anxiety, hunger, trouble sleeping, and intense feelings of fatigue.
  • Ambien Treatment: Stopping taking Ambien is associated with causing potentially severe symptoms, such as panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and psychosis. For this reason, withdrawal is typically best approached at a treatment facility.
  • Hydrocodone Treatment: Hydrocodone is an opiate medication that can prove difficult for a person to break his or her addiction. Withdrawal symptoms include diarrhea, stomach upset, sweating, muscle pain and trouble sleeping.

A doctor can prescribemedications during medical detoxification to help a person overcome cravings and symptoms associated with hydrocodone withdrawals. These include Suboxone, which can reduce cravings, and Xanax, which can reduce panic and anxiety. However, use should be closely monitored, as both of these drugs can also be addictive.

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