Drugs and Violence Ramapo NJ

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Drugs and violence are seen as being related in many ways. This has become a great concern in our society today. Some of the most common factors causing drug violence to be so prevalent is the availability of addictive substances such as heroin and crack cocaine. Understanding the causes and consequences of drugs and violence is essential to create useful strategies for prevention and control.
According to research done in the 1950s and 1960s in the addiction field, heroin had a negative correlation with crimes against persons. In the 1960s alcohol was the primary substance implicated in violent crimes. Cocaine distribution networks in the 1930s and the increase of amphetamines in the 1970s helped researchers focus more on the psychopharmacologic effects of these drugs. Research from this time showed that violent crimes continued to be involved with alcohol. The 1980s reports an increase in violence produced mainly by crack use distributed mainly among minorities.

Alcohol and Violence

Alcohol and violent behaviors are linked. Abusing alcohol can lead to domestic violence, property crimes, homicides, sexual assaults, and anti-social behavior. Some people are victims of physical or verbal abuse caused by an individual affected by alcohol. People under the influence of this substance can experience different reactions. Some may be more aggressive while others may be passive aggressive, depressed, angry, very social or cheerful. Binge drinking can increase the risk of showing destructive behaviors. Individuals who are heavily intoxicated are often involved in various types of crimes such as property crimes assaults, and sex crimes. Sometimes they can become victims of crimes themselves as well.
There are also violent crimes associated with drug distribution. This typically occurs as drug trafficking organizations and suppliers compete among themselves for markets and clients. Crack cocaine and meth are mainly distributed in poor areas. These neighborhoods lack leisure activities and experience a number of social problems that may contribute to violent crimes. Don’t hesitate to call 732-453-6646 if you are in need of treatment or need help finding drug rehab centers.