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Drug Treatment Centers Ramapo (732) 453-6646

Find help for your addiction at Drug Treatment Centers Ramapo. Committed to providing personalized care and support, Drug Treatment Centers Ramapo offers a comprehensive program for individuals dealing with chemical dependency. The treatment approaches employed at Drug Treatment Centers Ramapo may include interdisciplinary practices based on current studies in the addiction field. The family of the addict can also become part of these programs. They are educated about the nature of their loved one’s addiction and learn how to deal with the physical and emotional discomfort they may be experiencing.

Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment at Drug Treatment Centers Ramapo takes place in a residential setting. This type of drug-free environment promotes a faster recovery. Outpatient programs are also available for those individuals who want to continue their normal lives while receiving treatment. These programs create an atmosphere of recovery that helps reduce the sense of isolation some of individuals in recovery may feel. A number of medications are employed throughout detoxification to help patients safely remove all toxins and addictive substances from their bodies. Make a choice to step away from your addiction at (732) 453-6646.

Treatment Program

Recovery programs have a team of professionals who employ a number of techniques to help patients throughout recovery:

  • Psychotherapy: individuals in recovery receive therapy to help them deal with emotions, thoughts, and behaviors linked to drug abuse. This therapeutic approach can help eliminate destructive thoughts and behaviors and replace them for healthier ones. Some therapeutic techniques can help identify behaviors that may have led to substance abuse.
  • Medically-Assisted Therapy: medications are generally required throughout recovery particularly throughout the detoxification stage. These medications help stabilize patients while withdrawing from these additive substances. This close monitoring also helps deal with any other complications that may arise during treatment.

Find the best substance abuse treatment available at (732) 453-6646.

Popular Drugs in Ramapo, New Jersey

One of the most significant narcotic problems in the state of New Jersey is heroin. This drug is mainly imported from South American trafficking organizations. Marijuana/Hashish is also widely available throughout the state. Meth, mainly imported from Filipino and Mexican traffickers, is gaining popularity in New Jersey as well. Prescription drugs such as Percocet, OxyContin, Xanax, and hydrocodone are commonly abused in the southern part of the state. Cocaine is distributed largely in street corners and low-income neighborhoods.

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